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"I just saw your book on figure drawing at our bookstore and am so excited to find a fellow artist that "gets it"! I was a traditional and computer character animator at Disney Feature and Pixar (to name a few) and am currently pursuing my personal fine art work. I went to school at the NY Academy of Art, and most of my colleagues founded institutions based on classical realism and copying surfaces in a photorealistic manner. I felt drawing and painting were about composing and movement, not slick surfaces. With the exceptions of a few Disney colleagues I have been on my own....hanging with the old masters that knew better, lol....and contemporary masters :)"

- Pat Hannaway, Artist & Animator, Disney, Pixar, Industrial Light & Magic, WETA

"Stuart John Elliot’s online course on Form & Anatomy is truly unlocking parts of my brain. So great!” Brian Ali Harding

- Brian Ali Harding, VFX Supervisor, Entity FX (Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead)

"Hi Stuart - I'd never heard of you two weeks ago but in that time I've purchased all your online courses and your book. Thanks for sharing the knowledge and wisdom. Artistic anatomy is a subject that I've delved into in quite some depth over the last 2+yrs after attending a few courses and building up quite a library of books and other aids in the process. I still consider myself very much at the beginning of this journey and was delighted to happen upon your materials to help me shore up my existing knowledge and skills and also to add to them. The courses are excellent value for the quality of instruction"

- Fintan Boyle, Student

"Just finished lecture four of Form & Anatomy Foundation. I took this course as a refresher having studied with Scott Eaton, both full body and head classes. I have been a cartoonist for 30 plus years. I would love to do further in depth courses of yours and I keep your book as reference. Thanks again, also, for making this resource available to look back at in the future. Best wishes and look forward to the next lot."

- Annie Tempest, Cartoonist

"Thank you so much for giving me the kick start I needed to get back into drawing agin, the course was fantastic, I've not felt so motivated in years. I'd not done much drawing or painting for a very long time. I recently tried some short evening courses locally but they didn't give me much direction at all and I felt I was stuck in a rut. I've been drawing every day since the course, I have a skull on order already and an ever growing pile of books. The course also helped me tie a lot of things together from my interest in art and from my medical training (I'm a dentist, so I spend most days staring at maxillas and mandibles and 'sculpting' teeth), you honestly have a better grasp of anatomy than some of the tutors that taught me at uni!"

- Liz Lyons, Student